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I kind of have to jump on the Height Meta Bandwagon regardless, if only because I think about these things all the time anyway.


Yes, I've worked out about what the heights of the various younger bunch will be when they're adults, of course. It helps that in my mind (despite still being kids in that neighborhood) Jake, Daniel, Michael, Gabby, Kato, and Linnaea are all perpetually about college age.

Jake- He's pretty much the same height as his father, 6'0" dead-on, but he's much more comfortable with it. He has a fairly lean build, but he's more muscular than he tends to look.

Daniel- The shortest of the three, Daniel is about 5'10"-ish, and much thicker in build than his brothers, and very muscular- he plays sports a lot, and works out.

Michael- About 6'2" or 6'3", but he tends to make himself look shorter, as he feels awkward towering over people (he's shy-2 outgoing points- and not all that comfortable with his limbs. I think he's likely the shortest until college, with a sudden growth spurt that has him very unsure of his own limbs). Very lean and kind of gangly, he's the sort of skinny that makes you want to sit him down and feed him a good meal, not that it ever makes him less skinny. Kind of reminiscent of season one Sam Winchester, except skinnier.

Gabby- She's tiny, no taller than 5'3", I'd say, and sort of average-to-thin build, though as she hits adulthood she fills out a bit more in the hips. She tends to hold herself in a way that she might pass for 5'4", though.

Kato- Tall, about 6'3" at least, and of a muscular, solid sort of build.

Linnaea- Also tall, at about 5'10" or 5'11", and very lean, sort of a runner's build or an elfin one, and with minimal hips and breasts. She tends to look smaller than she is sometimes, but she could never quite pass for a tiny, petite girl, though sometimes she wishes she could.

Pryce- About 5'10" or so, definitely not taller than Daniel, but built much leaner so he occasionally seems taller, especially since he tends to stand up very straight- he has excellent posture, while Daniel, Jake, and Michael definitely don't.

Delwyn- About 5'6", and built in a way that makes her look smaller, which she tends to use to her advantage around her much taller half-brothers who tend to be very protective of "sweet, tiny Del". (*cough*Sweet, tiny, one-nice-point-perfectly-capapble-of-fighting-her-own-battles Del.*cough* But of course, Del is also 3 outgoing points worth of Epic Shyness, and she'd rather not fight anyone, one nice point or not.)

SimSilvain- 5'5.5" (THE HALF COUNTS, REALLY.) and average build, leaning towards slightly curvy.

I haven't really thought about any of the others, actually, except some vague thoughts about build for one or two of them. Maybe once I've played them more.

´╗┐Aeryn- No taller than 5'9" and probably more like 5'7"-5'8"-ish, and built average-to-curvy. She tends to look taller than she is because she has very good posture and because of the confident way she carries herself.

Naomh- 5'8" dead-on, though she tends to look taller because she's always wearing heels, though her posture's not so great.

Conleth- 6'0", just like his father, but built thicker, very muscular, and he tends to stand up straight in a way that makes it obvious that he's very comfortable in his skin.

Aislinn- 5'8", maybe 5'9", and very lean. Despite her fondness for wearing boots, she always manages to seem smaller than she is, and tends to seem shorter than her sister, which has never helped the slight insecurities she has regarding said sister. (which... are not yet apparent in what I've written, and may never be obvious outside my own head.)
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