Jul. 28th, 2012

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Fact- mesh edits are awesome. Not just as in 'somebody should do/has done this cool thing with this cool mesh', but as in 'I am having fun, and I am making things people might want, and it makes sense to my slightly odd brain that can't figure out flat texturing without months of practice (and still can't work out how to do anything other than copypasta or changing colors) and and and asdfghjkl MESHING'.

In case you cant tell, mesh editing makes me happy. If I weren't so lazy, I would do more of it. But, uh, there's some Castaway Stories edits coming soon, and if I can get over my stupid, stupid perfectionist issues, some random pregmorphs, especially for AM, because mpreg gives me warm fuzzy feelings (if you ask why, you will likely get a long ramble about gender that you probably didn't want to know, so, uh, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you do want to know, go for it, I'll tell you).

Next big 'learn to do this' regarding meshing- bodyshape conversions. Because I need more meshes for Aquilegia's androgyny set. (Right now I'm using a lot of old gothplague stuff or Pooklet's edits of gothplague's stuff, or stuff based on pooklet's edits... yeah. Need more variety.)

Also, mapping is... not as fun, but not as hard for me as I expected. I am probably going to spend stupid amounts of time making things not result in weirdly colored toes.
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