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As the subject of this entry implies, I've decided my new legacy will be much plottier than my failed explody one. Details behind cut, in case you don't want spoiler-y stuff before I start posting the legacy- which I may put on the exchange instead of here (because I really don't know what I'm doing with a lot of the LJ stuff).

Okay, well, first off, my founder is a cat-person-sim- he has a tabby skin from Genesims as well as a tail and cat ears. And I decided the heir would be decided by who has the tabby skin. And I wanted a reason, so I made a villain, Lupus Wolfe, and made him into a werewolf. Lupus hates the O'Connells, for some reason (still deciding, at the moment it's just because they're catpeople and he's a werewolf), and wants to kill them off- and is rallying werewolves everywhere to his cause. My simself offers the last of the family, Tyger, sanctuary in her hometown of Motherlodia, where she reigns as one of several minor deities (simselves, primarily)- the goddess of stories and storytellers- with two conditions. He must found a legacy, and every generation must tell their story (storytelling handicap, obviously, even though I'm probably not keeping score, I want to play like I am).

Lupus will have a backstory of his own, and an important one, at that, if I can decide how he became as powerful as he is. And sooner or later, I will..... *ponders*

And yes, I giggle at his name too. There'll be a moment at some point in the legacy where how he got his name is explained, just for the hilarity of it.

Also, I've decided that I'm bringing all the kids my simself has had with downloaded legacy sims into this 'hood, because I want to show them off. My simself makes cute kids. This also means many legacy sims will randomly show up, and I'm not sure how they'll factor into the plot right now, or if they even will.

Sooner or later, I'll get the writing part done so I can at least get the prologue out. For now, though, just know that it will be good.

(Is anyone actually reading this?)
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