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I've been taking out my frustrations with the game and the mess the computer explodeyness made on Strangetown's premade families- primarily the Beakers and the Curious brothers. I'm debating writing up some sort of story for them, I've certainly got the shots I need, but mostly I'm just making them have kids and ruin relationships- and build new ones, sometimes.

I've said before that my favorite premade sim is Nervous Subject. At that point, that just meant I liked him more than most of the others, which wasn't saying much- I didn't play most of the others. But, after playing him through the havoc I've wreaked on Strangetown (leaving him possibly the sanest and happiest of all the sims I played there so far), I absolutely love him. He's stuck as a single parent of a baby girl, having 'escaped' the Beaker house (with help, but I won't say from who- that story idea is looking better and better by the moment, and I don't want to give away any spoilers!), and he's happy as a clam, despite how rough things are for him right now- next to no money, small child to watch, and having to skill for a job he doesn't really like, but that pays well enough it's worth it. And he's so sweet with his little girl, too, it's possibly the cutest thing ever.

Circe and Loki are fun to play, too- they're having some marital troubles, though, and I'll probably split them up, but I might not- it all depends on whether i decide to let Loki get over what he's mad at her about- it's pretty big, so I'm not sure if I will or not. Especially since he seems like he might be happy elsewhere.

The Curious brothers are awesome, though- especially Vidcund. He and Pascal both had alien kids, who are also awesome- and mostly very cute, even the noseless one. (There are three, because Vidcund had twins when I really, really didn't want more than one small child in the house. Argh.)

I've gotten rather attatched to this bunch, really, so I'll probably play some sort of hood-wide legacy-style thing or something with them. I like the idea of taking an entire hood through several generations.

Also- I tossed a couple "essential" (in my mind) hacks in my game- ACR, same sex marriage hack, and pregforall. And my favorite replacement Polli Tech, but not until after Pascal's kid was born (that's the noseless one, obviously)- that one reminded me to put him in, actually...


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