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Things I do not enjoy about aspects of Sims creation that require SimPE work- the way my eyes start to cross when I've been at it too long and all the numbers look the same. Things I do enjoy about SimPE- the knowledge that I can actually make things do stuff if there's a tutorial, especially if it just comes down to replacing things somehow, or poking at numbers that I know what they're supposed to do.

Also, is there any interest in an LBB/TeenLBB/Athletic Girl showerproof skin? And, um, if I were to use someone else's textures, would I need to edit them any to match up with anything, or is the mapping usually close enough for those meshes? And is there a- wait, no, I can google that, but I'll ask anyway- is there a Teen AG and/or a sexyfeet version of the AG nude bottom*? If not...IDK, I'll poke things, maybe make a request somewhere for a teen version, I'm not quite up to converting anything.

Anyway, it might all be for nothing, for all I know, I broke something. I've only just finished the SimPE work, testing is going to wait until my eyes stop trying to fall out.

*Right now I have a sexyfeet LBB and teen LBB skin with blockfoot AG for the adult females and maxis for everyone else. I'm very twitchy about this, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel here either.

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