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Set your ipod/music library/etc. on random, and list the first ten songs. Then, create a rule for each generation based on that song. It doesn't have to be "what the song is about", just somehow loosely tied to the song or lyrics.

1. Enter Sandman- Metallica

Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight

The first generation must only have low comfort beds, and you cannot fulfill their wants if it would put them above green aspiration. (A life of fear and discomfort.)

2. Let It Die- Three Days Grace

I swear I never meant to let it die, I just don't care about you anymore

The second generation must break up with their spouse once they have an heir.

3. Believe It Or Not- Nickelback

Believe it or not, everyone, believe in something above

The third generation heir must be abducted by aliens. Bonus if the fourth generation is concieved this way.*

4. Somewhere I Belong- Linkin Park

I wanna find something I’ve wanted all along, Somewhere I belong

The fourth generation heir must move out on their own as soon as they're old enough, and must become some (other**) sort of supernatural sim (vampire, zombie, werewolf, plantsim, or witch). Bonus if their spouse is the same sort of supernatural being as them.

5. Just To Get High- Nickelback

He started stealing, to supply the feeling, Found out he pulled a knife, on someone's wife...,And held it to her throat.

The fifth generation heir must top the criminal career.

6. When It Rains- Gretchen Wilson

When it rains I pour a couple more rounds

The sixth generation must have a bar in the house, and must own a club or bar as a business OR only make money by money bartending.

7. How You Remind Me- Nickelback

Cause living with me must have damn near killed you

The seventh generation spouse must be saved from death, and then move out and/or divorce the heir.

8. Never Gonna Be Alone- Nickelback

You've gotta live every single day, Like it's the only one, what if tomorrow never comes?

The eighth generation heir must be a pleasure sim.

9. Over You- Daughtry

Well I'm putting my heart back together, 'Cause I got over you.

The ninth generation heir must fall in love with someone, then break up and try to find love again. Bonus if they have a child with their first love, but the heir is a child with their second.

10. We're A Miracle- Christina Aguilera (Pokemon The First Movie soundtrack)

Mountains move and oceans part, when they are standing in our way

The tenth generation heir must fall in love with someone they have three bolts with, and who must be a vacation townie or NPC.

*Yes, I know this is a very loose interpretation. I want mandatory aliens, okay? I like aliens.
**If an alien, as that wouldn't count as it is from birth and also is part of the previous generation's rules.


And, because I like making up rules based on music, another version-

1. Here For The Party- Gretchen Wilson

And if I gave em half a chance for some rowdy romance you know they would

The founder must be a romance sim.

2.Time Of Dying- Three Days Grace

I will not die (I will not die)
I will survive

The second generation heir must be saved from death OR save a family member or lover/spouse from death.

3. Born To Be My Baby- Bon Jovi

Rainy night and we worked all day
We both got jobs 'cause there's bills to pay

The third generation heir and spouse must face financial hardship somehow, and continue to until the next heir is a teen.

4. Flat On The Floor- Nickelback

Not like I need to depend upon anyone
Since I can see the lack of need for me to be here at all

The fourth generation heir lives on their own, and raises the next generation with absolutely no help (from family or hired help).

5. Done With You- Papa Roach

Because you and me are through
You couldn't help me
You couldn't save me
Now I know the end is here
I am done with you

The fifth generation must break up with their spouse, and then (once the next heir is born) die. (ANGST BONUS- if their death is in a manner that could be construed as suicide [for storytelling purposes, mostly].)

6. Forever- Papa Roach

Because days come and go, but my feelings for you are forever

One last kiss,
before I go
Dry your tears,
it is time to let you go

The sixth generation spouse dies after the heir is born.

7. Someday- Nickelback

Someday, somehow
I'm gonna make it all right but not right now
I know you're wondering when
(You're the only one who knows that)

Both the seventh generation heir and their spouse die sometime between the birth of the eighth generation heir and that heir's teenage birthday.*

8. Just To Get High- Nickelback

He started stealing, to supply the feeling, Found out he pulled a knife, on someone's wife...,And held it to her throat.

The eighth generation heir must top the criminal career.

9. Used To- Daughtry

At least there's you, and at least there's me.
Can we get this back?
Can we get this back to how it used to be?

The ninth generation heir must repair a ruined relationship with either a family member or a lover/spouse.

10. Homecoming Queen- Hinder

She was so adored by everyone
When it came to looks she was next to none
But loved partying and having too much fun

The tenth generation heir must be a pleasure, popularity, or romance sim, and must be female. Bonus points if you make them as pretty as you possibly can (without editing their face structure).

*Odd interpretation, but based loosely on the official video for the song.

Heh... wow. Lots of death and breakups in these rules. Might be a fun way to play.


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