Jul. 29th, 2012

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This is the first of many (likely just as half-assed) posts of Castaway Stories mesh edits. One texture each, found under Bon Voyage (in other words, exactly the same textures I got from Hat's wishlist). Toes might look a bit odd, as it was either remap the toes or remap everything else, so the toes may look like they would on non-sexyfeet-y skins even if the skins you use have toe textures. Better than leaf textures, though, or whatever that skirt thing in the middle is made of.*


*(Speaking of, UV maps on CS stuff? Absurd. Also on the list of CS absurdities, there are a lot of alpha layers to these things. Preg morphs are going to be fun. Good news is, I'm not even touching kids stuff until tomorrow, probably I'll start fighting with preg morphs tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.)
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two pictures and a download link behind the cut )

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Right, first off, WARNING: some of the textures seem to be inherently broken or weird or something, this is not something I did and I have no idea how to fix it or why it's happening, the non-sexyfeet versions do this too. If anyone can fix this, they will have my undying gratitude. EDIT: Hat fixed it! Check the comments for the necessary file.

Anyway, same as last time, one texture each, exactly the same as the ones I grabbed from Hat's wishlist, found under BV. All I did was edit the feet and, frequently, the UV map. Please let me know if I screwed something up, I'm basically slapping these together quickly and therefore may have missed something I can fix.


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