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There's an awesome Holiday Love Meme going on in the sims community. You just post your name and/or a link to where you keep your sims stuff, and people comment anonymously with whatever nice things they want to say about you.

It's pretty awesome, especially since I know a lot of nice things I've wanted to say to people but am way too shy to say, so I like that I can say them anonymously and not end up rewording things fiftybillion times so I don't feel awkward.
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This scene is incredibly spoilery- it's Conleth and Aislinn in college, and it mentions some sims and events from other parts of the next chapter.

Chess with a mean sim is not always fun... )
Unfortunately, the next update won't be for a while- my powerpoint isn't working and so I can't write the chapter or upload to slideshare, and I refuse to post whole chapters in this format- it's too time-consuming. Still, once I get my powerpoint working again, it shouldn't be too long.
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Because everyone needs a few more brightly colored shirts, right? I know I do.

Download link and more pictures behind the cut )
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Heh, that only took me.... too long. Anyway, here it is- Chapter 1. A total of 59 slides of births, birthdays, and legacy-related chaos.

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Okay, so, I don't know how I got this idea. But I got an idea, and now there's a nice little desert canyon with a legacy family. And I should just get on to the prologue, since it sort of explains things better than I'm managing to.

Prologue- a brief interview with legacy founder Aeryn O'Malley )
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Because I've been playing that neighborhood again and am flailing a little over a few things.

Toddlers, children, and new babies, including toddler!Gabby, who is really quite cute. Also some ACR madness. )
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Put simply, the exchange is going to drive me insane. I've tried three times today and five or six times last night to upload the Boolprop RR chapter. IT STILL WON'T WORK AUGH. *headdesks*

Does anyone have a blunt object with which I can beat the exchange into submission? It's driving me crazy.
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Okay, so technically it's just my simself and her brother right now (for details on aforementioned brother's existence, see Growing Up Shadows), but this is the with-cc versions of them. And eventually there will be more sims here....probably.

Sims behind the cut )

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So, um... I built an apartment. Or, rather, a rented house, but close enough, right? Plus, no pesky neighbors borrowing your food. Anyway, I've dubbed it "1 Apartment Lane", and it's entirely CC-free, with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a small nursery.

Pictures and download behind cut... )

In other news, I'll be writing the next chapter of Woohoo- It's a Legacy! probably tomorrow, which means it'll be up no later than Tuesday, assuming I don't get distracted by building again.

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Okay, so... I wanted to do a legacy that was less plotty and more relaxing than the Supernatural Legacy (almost ready to post chapter 2, by the way- just a few more scenes to shoot, plus Mary's teen birthday). And I had vague ideas about a matriarchy starting with a female romance sim. And here it is- Woohoo- It's a Legacy! Chapter 1.

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I've started a new personal journal, because my old one was ancient, and I needed a way to not end up writing it all in here, because this is supposed to be for sims stuff.

[ profile] silvainshadows - friend me if you like. If you'd rather not hear babble about my family, my boyfriend, or my job, or just whatever oddness is on my mind, then... don't, I guess.

Um.... also, I have picspam for you. Potentially spoilery for chapter one of my legacy.

Picspam!! )

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My new legacy... primarily told from the point of view of my simself, a regional deity with a habit of fourth-wall-breaking offhand comments. The theme is one that will, most certainly, keep my interest (I swear!!), but you'll have to read it to find out what it is. (But if you know me, the title is a dead giveaway for what the theme is.)

(And, yes, I do need a naming scheme, which is why I like having a theme or idea to follow. It works for me.)


Part two should be up tomorrow.


Nov. 26th, 2008 09:16 pm
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I was playing my new legacy (almost ready to write the first chapter), and the (probable) spare had been born about 3 sim hours before my founder came home from work. My founder comes home from work, pays the bills, and I send him off to the energizer and then go to check on his son and adopted daughter, who were playing inside. Just as I do this, my computer completely freezes- no mouse movement, nothing happening, and it wasn't a mini-freeze (which is more like the computer saying "gimme a minute, this is exhausting"), it was completely stopped.

I hadn't saved since just before the birth- that's a birth, plus three sim hours of play lost. URGH. I probably shouldn't have been playing with all my settings on high for so long, I suppose, but... ugh. The only good point in this is that if I'm lucky, when I go back in I'll get a girl instead of a boy (which puts heirship into slight question, depending on where I go with certain plot ideas, but more importantly, I have a better name for a girl than I do for a boy).
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I've started... yet another project with a story in mind. This one is a prosperity challenge, and it's getting its own journal ([ profile] midground_tales ) so it's all in one place. I'm not sure when I'll have the first part out, but I've been playing it almost nonstop in my free time, so it shouldn't be too long.  I've got introduction posts up to show who everyone is for two families and will have the rest up by Tuesday at the latest. After that, my best estimate for the first part is next weekend, but it might be sooner- I only have to work Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, so I've got plenty of free time this week, though of course Thursday is Thanksgiving and little to nothing useful will get done that day.
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Okay, the Cooke legacy is on hold. I'm fairly sure this was obvious by now, but still. This is because my laptop is finally completely fixed, but I'm lacking an expansion pack (Pets) due to the fact that I didn't get the extended download thing and have run out of times I can download it. So, the Cooke Legacy (along with most of my other projects) is stuck on the desktop computer, which is actually my mom's, and I don't get to use it very often, so I can't play, so I can't update.

But, I've started on a new legacy which I'm probably going to put on LJ instead of the exchange, because I've been using Gadwin PrintScreen and find my pictures look a lot nicer that way. I've got about a fifth of a chapter, maybe... might be less, it depends on how much I want to put in the first chapter... but you can expect to see something by sometime next week, hopefully.

Warning- picture behind cut is incredibly large.

Spoilery but cute pic ahead )


Oct. 25th, 2008 05:25 pm
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I've been trying to extract a couple of sims I need for something, and it's just not working. I'll open simPE, go into the neighborhood browser, open the neighborhood, go to sim surgery, and..... it stops responding.

Ughughugh. I have the newest simPE. There shouldn't be a problem, not that I know of. But there is, and I can't figure out what it is to fix it.
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Okay, so, today was my birthday, and this weekend I got to go see my boyfriend up at his college, and generally had fun- my aunt went with me and my mom up there, and my aunt is possibly one of the most fun people ever, so I couldn't have not had fun, really. But, the point of this post is less to babble about my weekend and more to squee over what I got.

My aunt gave me fifty bucks. Naturally, as I desperately wanted AL still, I went and bought it at the Wal-Mart there. As soon as we got back, I got on the computer and installed it, and now I'm going to go play around once I finish catching up on everything I missed this weekend.


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