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And direct-downloading EPs.

It's actually better than a disk- you can redownload them as much as necessary as long as you can login, which means- woot, no need to earn 90 bucks just to get my missing EPs back, just a lot of patience with the download time- about 2 hours per ep..... So, I should have Seasons, Pets, and BV back by morning. Assuming my mom doesn't wake up and kick me off, then it'll probably take until tomorrow afternoon or so-I'm redownloading Pets right now, because my simself needs her dog (who is based on my dream dog, an adorable, funloving, playful, friendly Chihuahua named Aztec) and possibly to meet a wolf (and be turned into a werewolf, because I love werewolves, in sims and otherwise).

I'll probably work on getting Daniel through college in my legacy hood soon, since I haven't managed it yet due to issues with the game not loading due to some corrupted CC that I had to fight with finding yesterday, and my wanting to play a sim I made for no reason but the use of awesome CC hairs and clothes today- who now has his own backstory, personality, and five growing businesses (I <3 fortune sims!) which I built from scratch (mostly) for him.

Also, the Legacy Haven will be switching to seasonal rotations after this rotation finishes.
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After my great luck recreating the Leos, you'd think nothing could possibly make me more hyper. You'd be wrong.


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