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Okay, the Cooke legacy is on hold. I'm fairly sure this was obvious by now, but still. This is because my laptop is finally completely fixed, but I'm lacking an expansion pack (Pets) due to the fact that I didn't get the extended download thing and have run out of times I can download it. So, the Cooke Legacy (along with most of my other projects) is stuck on the desktop computer, which is actually my mom's, and I don't get to use it very often, so I can't play, so I can't update.

But, I've started on a new legacy which I'm probably going to put on LJ instead of the exchange, because I've been using Gadwin PrintScreen and find my pictures look a lot nicer that way. I've got about a fifth of a chapter, maybe... might be less, it depends on how much I want to put in the first chapter... but you can expect to see something by sometime next week, hopefully.

Warning- picture behind cut is incredibly large.

Spoilery but cute pic ahead )
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Heh.... yup. I now have.... two with chapters out, and two with chapters in the works. (Though this is the only one I can play right now, since it turned out that my laptop's internet wasn't working, and we had to take it to get fixed, and I'd already moved my Sims files to my transferring-stuff-drive/backup drive, so I decided to play a maxis-matchy-minimal-CC game until it was fixed, and then I missed playing challenges, so this came about, but I fully intend to, y'know, actually work on this one.)

Anyway, it's called the Cooke Legacy, and the prologue is here, and the thread on is here.


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