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Okay, so.... my laptop has been messed up (as in, couldn't even get on to it, and was lucky I'd backed up my Sims files while I still could) since early June. I finally managed to take it in to get it fixed or at least find out what was wrong... second to last week of August. I've been anxiously awaiting the call from the Circut City Firedog guys saying it was fixed ever since.

And just yesterday, they called. We just picked up my laptop about an hour and a half ago, it's working fine, and I just need to get everything installed and transfer my files.

Words cannot express how much I missed this thing, seriously. I lovelovelove my laptop, and from now on, I'm going to take better care of it. And after three months on a desktop with a dying mouse and almost no personal space because the desk is in the middle of a walkway, I reallyreallyreally appreciate how easy using this laptop is.

So, um, yeah. Just letting everyone know I have my precious laptop back in working order.... and I'm really just posting this because I'm hyper, waiting for things to install, and felt the need to make a pointless announcement about working laptops.
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My computer's working again, I managed to fix it and I got a backup of everything made.... except to fix my computer, I ended up having to essentially wipe just about everything after I made that backup. So it might be a few days before I'm able to play sims again, as I don't know exactly what the backup saved and what it didn't.

Nonetheless, I feel very, very proud of myself for working out how to fix it, even if I did end up spending most of the night doing so.


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