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Okay, so... I wanted to do a legacy that was less plotty and more relaxing than the Supernatural Legacy (almost ready to post chapter 2, by the way- just a few more scenes to shoot, plus Mary's teen birthday). And I had vague ideas about a matriarchy starting with a female romance sim. And here it is- Woohoo- It's a Legacy! Chapter 1.

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My new legacy... primarily told from the point of view of my simself, a regional deity with a habit of fourth-wall-breaking offhand comments. The theme is one that will, most certainly, keep my interest (I swear!!), but you'll have to read it to find out what it is. (But if you know me, the title is a dead giveaway for what the theme is.)

(And, yes, I do need a naming scheme, which is why I like having a theme or idea to follow. It works for me.)


Part two should be up tomorrow.

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Okay, the Cooke legacy is on hold. I'm fairly sure this was obvious by now, but still. This is because my laptop is finally completely fixed, but I'm lacking an expansion pack (Pets) due to the fact that I didn't get the extended download thing and have run out of times I can download it. So, the Cooke Legacy (along with most of my other projects) is stuck on the desktop computer, which is actually my mom's, and I don't get to use it very often, so I can't play, so I can't update.

But, I've started on a new legacy which I'm probably going to put on LJ instead of the exchange, because I've been using Gadwin PrintScreen and find my pictures look a lot nicer that way. I've got about a fifth of a chapter, maybe... might be less, it depends on how much I want to put in the first chapter... but you can expect to see something by sometime next week, hopefully.

Warning- picture behind cut is incredibly large.

Spoilery but cute pic ahead )
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Heh.... yup. I now have.... two with chapters out, and two with chapters in the works. (Though this is the only one I can play right now, since it turned out that my laptop's internet wasn't working, and we had to take it to get fixed, and I'd already moved my Sims files to my transferring-stuff-drive/backup drive, so I decided to play a maxis-matchy-minimal-CC game until it was fixed, and then I missed playing challenges, so this came about, but I fully intend to, y'know, actually work on this one.)

Anyway, it's called the Cooke Legacy, and the prologue is here, and the thread on is here.
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And direct-downloading EPs.

It's actually better than a disk- you can redownload them as much as necessary as long as you can login, which means- woot, no need to earn 90 bucks just to get my missing EPs back, just a lot of patience with the download time- about 2 hours per ep..... So, I should have Seasons, Pets, and BV back by morning. Assuming my mom doesn't wake up and kick me off, then it'll probably take until tomorrow afternoon or so-I'm redownloading Pets right now, because my simself needs her dog (who is based on my dream dog, an adorable, funloving, playful, friendly Chihuahua named Aztec) and possibly to meet a wolf (and be turned into a werewolf, because I love werewolves, in sims and otherwise).

I'll probably work on getting Daniel through college in my legacy hood soon, since I haven't managed it yet due to issues with the game not loading due to some corrupted CC that I had to fight with finding yesterday, and my wanting to play a sim I made for no reason but the use of awesome CC hairs and clothes today- who now has his own backstory, personality, and five growing businesses (I <3 fortune sims!) which I built from scratch (mostly) for him.

Also, the Legacy Haven will be switching to seasonal rotations after this rotation finishes.
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But I'm leaning toward may not because I'm tempted to murder my founder. I'm doing a (modified, because I forgot the founder had to be a family sim) strict family values matriarchy, along with the well-dressed sims handicap. My founder is a lovely little Aries knowledge sim (with the most nice points I've seen on an Aries so far- 5), and she's.... well, put simply, now I know why they classify some LTWs as impossible wants.

She rolled Max 7 Skills. I can barely afford skilling items for her. Put simply, she'll be very lucky if I manage it, as I'm not too good with maxing skills without cheats or at least a full sim lifetime. I've had only two sims ever max any skills without cheating- Kovu, because I made him max body for his job, and Nala, who maxed two skills, but was also possibly my smartest sim ever. Neither of them maxed more than two skills, and Kovu was predisposed to maxing body easily due to being very active.
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After my great luck recreating the Leos, you'd think nothing could possibly make me more hyper. You'd be wrong.

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Forget it. It's on the back burner, and for a very, very good reason.......

Wait for it....

Wait for it....

Wait for it....


I managed (somehow- I blame my Friday-the-thirteenth-good-luck) to recreate the family in CAS, despite being entirely unable to extract them or otherwise save the original 'hood. We're back exactly where I left off, I cheated a little to make things as close to the way they were as I could remember (ie, the relationships and skills that I did *not* want to spend several sim days building back up, and Tau's age since recreating him put him a few days younger than he should have been, which delays him and Nala getting to college), and as soon as Tau grows up, I'm sending them off to college. Nala is officially the heir, as she was so far in the lead when I closed the poll (assuming I couldn't get them back) that I see no point in re-polling (I'd get the same results, I'm sure). I should have an update out soon, but I'm not making any guarantees, as lately t really depends on the weather whether I get to play Sims or not (as my computer tries to overheat when it's really warm, and tends to heat up fast even when it isn't, so my simming time is limited).

But, yes, they're back. And I am so freaking happy. I love these guys.
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As the subject of this entry implies, I've decided my new legacy will be much plottier than my failed explody one. Details behind cut, in case you don't want spoiler-y stuff before I start posting the legacy- which I may put on the exchange instead of here (because I really don't know what I'm doing with a lot of the LJ stuff).

Sooner or later, I'll get the writing part done so I can at least get the prologue out. For now, though, just know that it will be good.

(Is anyone actually reading this?)
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"That hood" being Riverblossom Hills. Every time I play it, something weird happens soon after. I played it right before I lost the Leos. My new legacy was going to be set there- not anymore, because of the weird glitchyness I got- I'll be restarting in Pleasantview or somewhere, I think. Maybe Strangetown, I love Strangetown...

Put simply, I despise Riverblossom Hills. The first time I played it, it was just for the sake of a Seasons test-run, because I wanted to know what playing a plantsim is like. The second (and now FINAL) time was when I added subhoods (uni and downtown) so I could play a legacy there. Never again. And there may, perhaps, be pics posted at some point of why I love my founder for the O'Connells- he autonomously argued with the plantsim-lady's husband, who I dislike because his family was the one I'd been playing prior to losing the Leos.

Edit- I've decided the legacy will be in a custom hood called Motherlodia (one of my favorites that I've made). A quick warning, though- there are random pointless playables around. There is also my simself, who was put with one of my favorite legacy sims, and their son- and the legacy sim's alien daughter, who I dislike because she has Alien Nice Point Syndrome and no nose to speak of. She may be mercilessly mocked, or I might just ignore her. Probably the latter, as her father isn't someone you want to get on the bad side of.
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I figure it's better than having people confused as to who I am if I comment with my main LJ account.

This is the simming journal of Sellan/SilvainTheShadow/Shadalan. I've written the Leo Legacy, which exploded as gen. 2 hit teen, unfotunately, and played through a few undocumented generations of two other legacies. I'm starting a new one- the O'Connell family- who may or may not get a story. If they do, it will *probably* be posted here, because otherwise, this journal will start looking really empty, which seems pointless to me.

So, um... keep an eye out for it.


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