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I've started... yet another project with a story in mind. This one is a prosperity challenge, and it's getting its own journal ([ profile] midground_tales ) so it's all in one place. I'm not sure when I'll have the first part out, but I've been playing it almost nonstop in my free time, so it shouldn't be too long.  I've got introduction posts up to show who everyone is for two families and will have the rest up by Tuesday at the latest. After that, my best estimate for the first part is next weekend, but it might be sooner- I only have to work Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, so I've got plenty of free time this week, though of course Thursday is Thanksgiving and little to nothing useful will get done that day.
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I've said numerous times that I'm not particularly good at sticking to just one or two projects at once, no matter what it is I'm doing. In the case of sims, well... I usually have four or five things going, plus a few neighborhoods for just playing. I tend to want to talk/write about whatever projects I have, and this usually means I end up writing a story for it, as well... And then not update because I'm working on something else.

So, I figure, I ought to at least try to keep track of what I'm doing by keeping a Project List in my LJ, with notes as to whether I intend to write anything soon or if it's even being written about (yet) at all. And... that's what this post is.

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