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you give me a confusing family tree, an easy to navigate family tree creating website, and nothing better to do at the moment.

I've been trying to make sense of the Legacy Haven family trees for a while, just basing it on the sims *in* the legacy haven- and the main tree is very confusing, when you don't have it all laid out in front of you. So, here it is, the "main" family tree- Fitzhughs and Simselves abound, as well as a couple Vetinaris, and a couple simself-spawn.

There's also a Marius family tree (much smaller), and a Goodytwoshoes tree (even smaller, just two sims!), because they haven't managed to get connected to the "main" tree quite yet.

Additions to main tree will be made as needed (ie, when Larch and Doc Nerd have kids, when the various neighborhood kids start hooking up and breeding, if anyone else has more kids, etc.), and if the other trees become tied to the main one, such additions will also be made as necessary.
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I keep getting distracted. I was browsing the challenge list the other day because someone mentioned a challenge in a thread I was reading on and I was curious about it, and then the original sim challenge (I think- the one where you raise your simself from toddler all the way through life) caught my interest- so now I'm playing my simself's family in a new neighborhood, with simselves of my parents for the first time ever. I'm not actually following the rules of the challenge, honestly- it just got the idea of playing my family into my brain.

My father is a fortune/pop sim whose original LTW was to earn 100,000- he's he first sim I've gotten permaplat without cheating, ever, which makes me feel a bit pathetic since I've been playing long enough to get the hang of a lot of things in the game, just not the whole permaplat thing, since most of them are either ridiculously hard, ridiculously time-consuming, or don't roll up when I can manage them. My mother is a family/knowledge sim with an LTW of six grandkids- I can manage that at the rate I'm playing, I think. So far, my simself is a child still, but I'm playing almost nonstop because I love playing this. My simself has a baby brother now (thanks to ACR), and we have a servo, Bott, who was created to take care of him. Bott started out a family sim, and since I needed him platinum to change his aspiration (so I could keep him happy easier), I randomized his gender preference and got him a date- Joe Carr (Bott randomized gay), who he subsequently got engaged to and married. They'll probably move out once Shenandoah Ray (my simself's brother, blame my mom for the name, I asked her what she'd have named a son and that's what she came up with) is a child. Right now, the family (minus Bott, Joe, and Shenandoah) is on a Twikki island vacation, because I love Twikki island.

So, yeah, that's the (current) excuse for lack of updates on everything. I really do need to get back to playing the Legacy Haven or my legacy, but... not yet.


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