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I've started a new personal journal, because my old one was ancient, and I needed a way to not end up writing it all in here, because this is supposed to be for sims stuff.

[ profile] silvainshadows - friend me if you like. If you'd rather not hear babble about my family, my boyfriend, or my job, or just whatever oddness is on my mind, then... don't, I guess.

Um.... also, I have picspam for you. Potentially spoilery for chapter one of my legacy.

Picspam!! )

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My new legacy... primarily told from the point of view of my simself, a regional deity with a habit of fourth-wall-breaking offhand comments. The theme is one that will, most certainly, keep my interest (I swear!!), but you'll have to read it to find out what it is. (But if you know me, the title is a dead giveaway for what the theme is.)

(And, yes, I do need a naming scheme, which is why I like having a theme or idea to follow. It works for me.)


Part two should be up tomorrow.


Nov. 26th, 2008 09:16 pm
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I was playing my new legacy (almost ready to write the first chapter), and the (probable) spare had been born about 3 sim hours before my founder came home from work. My founder comes home from work, pays the bills, and I send him off to the energizer and then go to check on his son and adopted daughter, who were playing inside. Just as I do this, my computer completely freezes- no mouse movement, nothing happening, and it wasn't a mini-freeze (which is more like the computer saying "gimme a minute, this is exhausting"), it was completely stopped.

I hadn't saved since just before the birth- that's a birth, plus three sim hours of play lost. URGH. I probably shouldn't have been playing with all my settings on high for so long, I suppose, but... ugh. The only good point in this is that if I'm lucky, when I go back in I'll get a girl instead of a boy (which puts heirship into slight question, depending on where I go with certain plot ideas, but more importantly, I have a better name for a girl than I do for a boy).
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Okay, the Cooke legacy is on hold. I'm fairly sure this was obvious by now, but still. This is because my laptop is finally completely fixed, but I'm lacking an expansion pack (Pets) due to the fact that I didn't get the extended download thing and have run out of times I can download it. So, the Cooke Legacy (along with most of my other projects) is stuck on the desktop computer, which is actually my mom's, and I don't get to use it very often, so I can't play, so I can't update.

But, I've started on a new legacy which I'm probably going to put on LJ instead of the exchange, because I've been using Gadwin PrintScreen and find my pictures look a lot nicer that way. I've got about a fifth of a chapter, maybe... might be less, it depends on how much I want to put in the first chapter... but you can expect to see something by sometime next week, hopefully.

Warning- picture behind cut is incredibly large.

Spoilery but cute pic ahead )


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