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"That hood" being Riverblossom Hills. Every time I play it, something weird happens soon after. I played it right before I lost the Leos. My new legacy was going to be set there- not anymore, because of the weird glitchyness I got- I'll be restarting in Pleasantview or somewhere, I think. Maybe Strangetown, I love Strangetown...

Put simply, I despise Riverblossom Hills. The first time I played it, it was just for the sake of a Seasons test-run, because I wanted to know what playing a plantsim is like. The second (and now FINAL) time was when I added subhoods (uni and downtown) so I could play a legacy there. Never again. And there may, perhaps, be pics posted at some point of why I love my founder for the O'Connells- he autonomously argued with the plantsim-lady's husband, who I dislike because his family was the one I'd been playing prior to losing the Leos.

Edit- I've decided the legacy will be in a custom hood called Motherlodia (one of my favorites that I've made). A quick warning, though- there are random pointless playables around. There is also my simself, who was put with one of my favorite legacy sims, and their son- and the legacy sim's alien daughter, who I dislike because she has Alien Nice Point Syndrome and no nose to speak of. She may be mercilessly mocked, or I might just ignore her. Probably the latter, as her father isn't someone you want to get on the bad side of.
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