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Okay, so, today was my birthday, and this weekend I got to go see my boyfriend up at his college, and generally had fun- my aunt went with me and my mom up there, and my aunt is possibly one of the most fun people ever, so I couldn't have not had fun, really. But, the point of this post is less to babble about my weekend and more to squee over what I got.

My aunt gave me fifty bucks. Naturally, as I desperately wanted AL still, I went and bought it at the Wal-Mart there. As soon as we got back, I got on the computer and installed it, and now I'm going to go play around once I finish catching up on everything I missed this weekend.
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I desperately want Apartment Life- I have ever since I heard about the witches, I think- but I can't get it because I can't afford it right now. And if I could, I'd have the lovely internal debate of "do I pull all my hacks and install it now, or do I wait until they're updated for it and install it then?", which would eventually end in "pull the hacks, I'm not that patient", as it tends to.

And everyone is talking about getting it, it seems, even though I'm sure my mind is exaggerating things, and I wish I could just go out and get it right now. And I CAN'T, and it's just making me even more impatient, and it's driving me insane.

(In other news, I do already have a neighborhood set up to test it out in/play with it in, in case the hacks I use regularly aren't updated by the time I *do* get it. The neighborhood is completely empty and won't be touched at all until I get it....)

(Also, for anyone who has it- please, go ahead and tell me how awesome it is! I'll sit here jealously, but I'll be thankful in the long run.)


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