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Because everyone needs a few more brightly colored shirts, right? I know I do.

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I've reinstalled Sims 2 Deluxe, and was just going to play with that to soothe my need to play (I swear, I was going crazy- when I have nothing to do, I usually play sims, and I hadn't played in nearly a week, at least....), until I realized that meant not having one of my favorite maxis-made hairstyles in the game- the fauxhawk. So I reinstalled Uni, too, and I'm leaving it at that and a very, very small amount of CC until I can get the rest of my EPs back- and even then, I'm not sure I want to reinstall FT. It didn't add much that interested me, though I do love the toddler table and some of the other items it adds- just not the majority of the features, really. The hobby stuff annoys me, though I love secondary aspirations- it helps make my simself accurate (knowledge/fortune sim. Money and nerdiness. Very, very accurate.), and it adds a whole new dimension to the personalities of some sims. But, I do believe I can do without it.

I downloaded a couple 'essential' hairstyles- my absolute favorites as well as some that certain sims just don't look right without- and I'm going to download all my favorite clothes from Club Crimsyn (the only CC site my sims really wear anything from) tomorrow. I'm going to stick with the whole minimal CC thing, too, even once I get the other EPs back, just to cut down on loading time. Before the explody-thing my comp did, my game took nearly twenty minutes to load on a good day. It took, at most, five minutes (and that's probably a lot more than it actually took) to load today, after reinstalling. It makes me wonder what I was thinking with all that CC, really, since I almost never used most of it. I think I have... five custom hair meshes in my game now, and four or five maxis hairstyles converted for all ages (including the fauxhawk, because toddlers with fauxhawks are cuter than cute). And everything else I downladed was recolors of those custom hairstyles.

Edit- oh, yeah, and I redownloaded my default replacement eyes and all the extra eye colors that go with them. They're the Lyran eyes, in case anyone's curious. I like them because the green eyes remind me a bit of my eye color, except yellow-browner than mine are.

Edit 2- and now for a book meme taken from [personal profile] ndainye  .

Okay, I think that's enough edits for now...


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