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So, I updated my simself. And then I updated her again, because her cheekbones were wrong. And then again, because her jaw was wrong. And then again because everything was just slightly off for some reason. (And then a few more times, for good measure.)

And here is the result. No pictures yet because I'm lazy, sorry. Maybe once I get back from Conneticut (a friend's wedding is this weekend, I'll be home Monday evening- we're going by train and it will be awesome because DUDE. TRAIN. I love trains[/pointless tangent]).

Download at

No CC, requires Uni and NL (hair and clothes respectively). Might have a CC version when I bother to take pictures of her. Maybe.

Stats- Knowledge or Pleasure, with the other as her secondary if you have FT. 4/5/6/8/2 personality. Turnons are whatever the heck you want, and gender preference is bisexual. Do whatever with her, and please do let me know if you do- I love seeing her in other people's games.

ETA- comments closed because this entry keeps getting hit by spammers.
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Remember this post? Yeah, I wasn't going to write a story about all that, but I can't seem to shut up about it over on anyway, so I figured I might as well.

Growing Up Shadows- Part One, SimSilvain's Childhood

This probably won't be updated very often, since I'm trying to play more of my legacy and the Legacy Haven, but I couldn't help but write it. Some things just seem to *need* to be shared, mainly because I like what I'm doing enough to write about it, and I can't seem to avoid mentioning it.
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This may be the last halfway update I do for a while. I'm also considering uploading the picture portion of the end-of-rotation stuff to the exchange from now on so I don't cut as many funny pictures as I did with the last one (trust me, there were tons, I just didn't feel like finding them in the storytelling folder...)

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I've decided I'll probably post a text-only update about The Legacy Haven every time I hit the halfway point in the rotation, and a text-and-pictures update at the end of each rotation. So, this is the halfway-mark update for rotation number 2, Wednesday to Friday of week one.

I've determined that I love ACR. Normally, I don't let it get this insane, I'll set autonomy to spouse-only or none, and only use it for gender preferences. Now... I'm thinking I'll let it do this a bit more.
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and ACR is causing chaos already.

Also, all entries about this hood will be tagged 'legacy haven', just in case anyone's actually... interested.

I just went to the Fitzhugh lot, checked the LTWs before leaving the game- I'll do the next half of the rotation tomorrow- and apparently... Spencer and Rhys *both* rolled the exact same LTWs they had in the Fitzhugh legacy. Weird. Also awesome, as I fully intend to fulfill as many LTWs as possible- even the hard ones like Spencer's.

...............................At least none of the knowledge sims so far have rolled max all skills. I hate that one, it's not easy for me at all. 20 lovers I can do, piece of cake. I could probably manage 20 best friends, too, with no flirts and no aspiration rewards- just have them hang out or play kicky bag for a while, instant friend. Call on the phone when social gets a bit low, soon enough, high enough to be best friends. But maxing skills is hard unless I put a lot of work into it.
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I started a new neighborhood for something I'd been wanting to do for awhile- create a town called The Legacy Haven, a place for simselves and legacy sims to live where they'll never age and never die (and can relax, essentially). It's meant to be peaceful for both the sims involved and for me- something I can play to relax.

Well, I have 8 households already- Marius (family-Prof. Butters, Flavius, teen Cassius), Buccaneer (Jack Buccaneer and Sarah Purplebunny, roommates), Fireflower (De Fireflower and Marina Smoothiequeen), Dualegacy (Doc Nerd Dualegacy and Ben Blite, roommates, though ACR seems to think they want to be more than that.... XD ), Fitzhugh (Spencer Fitzhugh, Rhys Fitzhugh, my simself [Silvain Shadows], and Jake Shaodws-Fitzhugh, my simself's son with Rhys [bad habit of mine, breeding my simself to legacy sims I like]), Caesar (Julia Caesar. No one else yet, may add others later), Goodytwoshoes (Cecil and teen Cecilia), and Vetinari (Larch, Cypress [in a death room for ironic punisment because he's only here for that and to be Cass and Spider's father for the sake of correctness] [spared from ironic punishment because he turned out to be fun to play when I let him out to find out what he was really like], teen Cassidy, and teen Spider Jerusalem). I'm on a rotation scedule of 2 to 3 simdays on each house, then moving to the next. The order I listed them in is the order I'm playing them in.

Any breeding (aside from a few I have planned because I want to see the outcome) will be due to ACR. Most romance will be some cross of what ACR dictates and what I want to see. Almost all gender preferences were set while I was setting up the hood.

This will be vaguely documented in this LJ, just so anyone who wants to see it can. (And because I'd end up babbling about it anyway, since I can't do a project like this without telling *someone*.)

Also- I love playing the Marius house already. It's fun and relaxing, and the only one I've had to micromanage in the slightest is Flavius (and only because, for some reason, he sat on the couch instead of going to bed, despite being exhausted...)

Edit- I just realized something. I post more on this LJ than I do my main one. XD


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