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I don't know if I've mentioned this here, yet, given how lazy I am about blogging, but a few months back- before Christmas, at least, though I can't recall when- my CD/DVD drive on my laptop began refusing to read certain disks, including three or four of my sims 2 disks. I first noticed it with the newest ones, including the disk I played from. So I tried a no-CD crack, which worked for about two or three play sessions before it suddenly refused to work. So then, I figured I'd uninstall the EPs that weren't behaving with my disk drive- everything from Free Time onward- and play from my digital download of Bon Voyage. Didn't work, so I decided maybe a reinstall up through BV was in order. This is how I discovered that it also won't read my Sims 2 Deluxe disk- after I'd uninstalled. I figured, whatever, I have Sims 3, I'll spend my simming time with my pudding people. Got bored with that a couple weeks ago, started playing Castaway Stories again. Loved it, but it just made me miss TS2 more.

So I've come up with a solution- finally- which also nets me the one stuff pack I don't have (though several won't be installed, this time around). I've bought Double Deluxe and it's downloading now. First things first, I'm starting a new medieval neighborhood to do a legacy challenge (well, technically, first things first, I'm installing every EP that will install, but once that's done...). I can't wait, I've missed my medieval sims so much, seriously.

Picspam coming in a day or two. Possibly a legacy story coming soon after that.

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