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Um. So I had a long explanation about wanting to share pics of my medieval sims, and how [personal profile] hat_plays_sims is awesome and has made my game much better and less anachronistic, but then I completely lost the post to my own stupidity, so here we go again- a nice post about my darling wizard, Henry, and his lovely little medieval life.

As a note, I always play on a seasonal rotation, prosperity-challenge style. So this is the first season in the first house I played after setting up the neighborhood. And there are very few pictures, because I hadn't meant to share at that point, and they may be slightly out of order for sake of a proper introduction.


This is Henry. Henry is possibly one of my favorite sims ever, because he's sweet and adorable and awesome. He's also the younger brother of the queen- he has two sisters, Queen Elisabeth and Lady Mary (who is younger than him and married to Sir George) and an older brother, Sir James (I think. I've forgotten, and I may be mixing up James and Charles again).

Henry is also a wizard.

This is what he looks like when he's not smiling, which is very, very rarely.

Henry got taken by the fairies fairly early in the season. This is the least anachronistic picture I could find- please excuse the road, I'd forgotten to put the dirt road tiles over it yet. At least I remembered to put a barrel over the trash can.

Of course, there aren't many pictures between his return and the birth... given that he spent his time studying magic in his underpants. None of his other clothes would fit right over his belly, and he certainly wasn't leaving his house like that! ;D

But of course Matthew was born (via some lovely fae magic, I assume, as men most certainly don't have the right bits for birth, LOL) and Henry could go back to being properly clothed [not that I ever minded him walking about barely dressed... but he's very, very shy, so I imagine he minded quite a bit].

And Henry is an excellent father, of course. Matthew gets his whole attention, to the point where he was very nearly neglecting his study of magic for a while.

Matthew grew up to be one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen, of course. And he was promptly put into a wizard's robe to match his father's, since I'm going with the idea of magic running in families with this neighborhood, and therefore he and any other child related to someone pursuing the study of magic will have the option to learn when they reach teenhood- with the notable exception of first-born sons, and especially of the prince.

And to close out this post, a wizard teaching a half-fairy toddler to walk. That's pretty much all there was, really- Henry studying, Matthew being born, Matthew growing up, and a lot of skill-teaching.

I think I'm almost done with fall at the royal castle (I might have actually finished playing through fall there, in fact, but I forget), and once I'm done I'll post that as well. And maybe post a family tree and family portraits, since I can hardly keep track of this lot myself, so I should probably make it easier on anyone else by explaining it properly.
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