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It's occurred to me that probably there are some simmers who a) don't go on tumblr, and b) might want my CC but not know about it because tumblr. So I'm gonna do a couple posts of CC I've posted on tumblr, separated by theme, and then maybe a post of things I've put up elsewhere lately so it's all in one place.

This post is all the stuff I've done for my Wizarding World/Harry Potter game, most of which could also be useful for medieval simmers or... anyone who likes robes.

Original Tumblr post

[Quoted from tumblr] What you get: five robes (one plain black work robe plus the robe with a house crest as a badge or pin on the chest) for CU, TM, and TF on new meshes, plus five robes (plain + house badges) for TF on a mesh by Cynnix (included). Everything is available for everyday, formal, athletic, and outerwear.

Download Hogwarts Robes

Original Tumblr posts here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Available on all the same meshes as the Hogwarts robes, plus AF & AM wizarding robe meshes by me and an AF mesh by Cynnix.

Download Aelia Autumn AF Puff Sleeve Robes
Download Aelia Autumn TF Puff Sleeve Robes(Slaved to AF)

Download Aelia Autumn CU Robes
Download Aelia Autumn AF Robes
Download Aelia Autumn AM Robes
Download Aelia Autumn TM & TF Robes

Download Aelia Retro Robes (Child-Adult, M&F)

Original Tumblr Post

I needed fancy robes for a bunch of characters, and I started by taking inspiration from Gilderoy Lockhart, because... well, the two things he was best at were memory spells and being Very Pretty. So why not give him a bunch of robes?

I, uh, never quite finished my plans for more Lockhart robes, but here's the set I did get done- four robes on the CountD mesh, three of which are colors Lockhart canonically wore. (Do not ask how much research I did re: robe descriptions online so I wouldn't have to dig out my books. A lot.)

Download Lockhart's Wardrobe 1

Original Tumblr posts here and here

I wanted book-canon Ravenclaw scarves for my Ravenclaws. There are no book-canon Ravenclaw anything anywhere for sims. So I made them, and then figured if I'm making Ravenclaw scarves, I should make matching scarves for everyone else with the knit I used... because I can't make house stuff and leave out my own house, and if I'm doing Ravenclaw and Slytherin, I should do Gryffindor because it'll get a lot of use, and it's just silly to leave out Hufflepuff at that point. (I like Hufflepuffs. Most of them are absolute sweethearts.)

I'm pretty sure the crests were originally from Pottermore, and made transparent by someone... somewhere, but I honestly don't know who or where.

Jewelry-binned scarves are necklaces, of course.

Download Daislia Scarves (Accessory)
Download Daislia Scarves (Jewelry)

Download Crested & Crestless Scarves (Accessory)
Download Crested & Crestless Scarves (Jewelry)
Okay, I have no idea if I got everything in here properly, but I'm going out the door in like two seconds, so. Let me know if I missed anything, or whatever.
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